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Modernise with a Respray

What Is Respraying

Respraying is the art of turning a tired kitchen into an upto date modern fresh looking kitchen.


Bespoke Paintwork

We can match any colour choice for your  Respray / Handpainted kitchen. Simply show us your swatch sample and we’ll mix it up for you.

With many years experience we have developed the necessary skill sets to deliver projects on time, to budget and quality of finish, which surpass our clients’ expectations.

Kitchen Respray / Handpaint

Our painting expertise allows us to deliver only the highest standard of paint work and finishing. Combining the latest techniques, skill, and products to create a “good as new” quality finish.

Take a look at some of kitchen projects in our “colours/gallery”.

Dulux Accredited Kitchen Cabinet Respray Specialists


Assessment & Inspection

Enjoy a free assessment and see if a Respraying or Handpainting is right for you. Then choose from hundreds of colours and paint styles to give your kitchen the perfect look


Preparation & Performance

For Respraying, we remove doors and drawers and spray them at our facilities. Then we isolate your cabinet structure by masking off floors, walls and backsplash.
For Handpainting, we do exactly the same as Respraying apart from removing the doors etc to our workshop. With Handpainting, we do all of this on site and it is usually a lot quicker than Respraying


Installation & Clean Up

After refitting your units we will perform a full clean up of your entire kitchen cabinets ( if they're empty!!)


Fast & Minimum Disruption

In just 5-7 days we can transform your kitchen from any colour to any colour. All our work is guaranteed ( manufacturers).


Respray, not Replace

Many kitchens are good for a lifetime so why replace them. Our method can be as much as upto 75% cheaper than replacing a kitchen and is better for the environment too.


Specifically Designed Paint

The paint that we use is specifically designed for paint for this type of work. Smooth finish and easy to clean up and maintain.

Want a free colour consultation?

Limitless Colours

Click images for colour swatches

Budget Estimation

Setting up the budget in advance is the most important tasks to get started with. A sensible budget will allow painting of kitchen cabinets and other improvements in the kitchen.

Design Your Own

A kitchen respray is perfect for making the room look bright and sparkly once again. In addition, a kitchen respray will cost you a fraction of what you’ll have to pay for other kinds of renovations.

What Can You Respray Or Handpaint?

Unlike most spray paint companies, we have the technology to spray paint any surface, Wood, vinyl, foil wrap, PVC, Plastic. You name it we can spray it!

Colour Consultation

Colour is a close second to craftsmanship when it comes to a kitchen and that is why we offer colour consultancy as part of our service.

Fast Installation

Our average kitchen takes about 5 days to complete. Larger kitchens take 5 to 7 days. Most of the work is done off site so your kitchen is only out of action for one day maximum.

Limitless Colour Choices

With our kitchen respray service, you are free to choose from our colour palettes of which there are hundreds or if you prefer we can match to any colour of your choice.
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