Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What locations do you serve?

We cover the whole of Southern England

Q: What surfaces can be spray painted?

A: The majority of manufactured finishes can be spray painted. Varnished wood for sure, melamine and most previously painted surfaces. If in any doubt we can test a discreet area of the kitchen furniture to ensure paint adhesion. Please note that we do not spray bespoke raw unpainted MDF built doors.

Q: What paints are used, are they special?

A: High-quality furniture paint is used, some call them designer paints. Mylands Eggshell, Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell and Intelligent Satinwood, Farrow and Ball’s Modern Eggshell. All paints are water-based, have low emissions and provide an extensive choice of colours for your kitchen. Importantly, you can always get hold of them should you need to extend your kitchen or make good any damage in the future.

Q: What’s the process?

A: Given that kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removable, these are collected and taken to our workshop for spray painting, once complete we return and refit. Any fixtures that cannot be removed, examples being cupboard end panels, are prepared with a dust-free sanding system before being spray painted in situ. For a small to medium-sized kitchen our time in your home is usually no more than two to three days, one or two to remove the kitchen and paint the fixtures, the other to return the doors for refitting. Whilst your doors are away, your kitchen remains fully usable, albeit without doors

Q: How do I choose a colour?

A: Select your colour from the paint manufacturers website. Little Greene, Dulux, Farrow and Ball & Edward & Bullmer the links are on our frontpage or use our kitchen gallery for colours.

Q: Do you spray paint the kitchen fixtures in my home?

A: Yes, although it is dependant on the area being accessible to spray. Fixed kitchen cabinet end panels are an example of furniture that can be spray painted on-site, this requires that we mask off the area around the component that is being painted. When fixtures are not situated well enough to spray paint then these are hand-painted with a fine roller following the same preparations that we undertake when spraying.

Q: Can I change the handles?

A: Yes. The handles are removed for spray painting, you can change them too. Changing handles may require new holes to be drilled and the old holes filled, we can do this for you too, details will be provided in your estimate. Choose your own handles and supply them when the doors are collected.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can use the kitchen?

A: Your kitchen furniture will be dry enough to handle and use within a day of painting and we would plan to return and refit the doors within a week of painting. However, it can take a few weeks for modern water-based wood paint to fully cure to its hardest finish. Once cured a painted finish is durable and easy to maintain

Q: What if the paint gets scratched or marked?

A: Fully cured paint will resist all but the hardest contact. In the event that you do need to retouch a scratch then use the original paint applied by brush.

Q: Do you paint radiators and household doors?

A: Yes we do, we paint radiators or regular doors, we specialise durable finishes throughout the home.

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